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oakleys frogskins Resist for a sky, smiling of Chen self-ridicule for a while, compared with oneself absolute being within heart print to turn can calculate what?

The fierce heaven is just surprised to feel after finishing saying this sentence the leaf sing breeze in own in front, not from must be a bit ashamed.The leaf sings breeze to treat none of 2 people to talk to just say:"You don't want to fight, I have no what of, although lose this to compete my some regretses, Li Jun can win what I depend is my own real strenght but be not what control breath.The setback this time I will the prison keep firmly in mind of, I will catch up her quickly, and defeat her."

The jade lightly claps at the male of two times, ripples feel to ripple to open, jade

"?"Originally think that Du's flying to want one is 34 pieces, unexpectatively he but the lion greatly open mouth, immediately some meat pains of Zhu Hua Dao person get up.Create a piece of jade quality fire sign, the cost orders for 400 contributions, the Du flies openings to want 10 pieces, that be 4,000 contribute order, several near he distributed the half the number of oblation for a year.

oakley outlet store Wu Leng Yai in the Zhang door whom the pole ice believes in is a wariness to weigh very much of person.

"I, I dided not escape!"These four months flow to flee career and let the intelligence of this Ji dragon greatly open, hear the inquiry that the Du flies at the moment and want to want and then tell a lie a way.

Beauty Lin Hong Mei the Luo Luo keep smiling and smile Pin like flower:"You can gossip irresponsibly too much as well?See Xing Jin of say to is the son who doesn't quit?You forgot him is a monk?How to may have a son!"


wholesale polo ralph lauren See this scene, should be 3 people of cold year old three friends to that, the Du flies immediately heart to living not and quickly, however immediately and alarmedly smile.He now just the new elder in the territory, somebody else ignore from fix for, position to see, is aller far far high than him, do so a parties purely normal.Said again, with Dan dust son unrestrained unruly personality, the friend who hand over could not differ as well where go to.Probably these 3 people not basically pleased these vulgar gifts, if therefore start to living spirit, pour to seem to be him intolerant, unbearable is friend!

The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them.

"This is a have a good experiment body!"Seeing many researchers a bit depressed was the hair words of Doctor Ge of the way that leads the way a person, " although we can not examine his body data in person,we still have an ally and believe that they can definitely examine one this tests a body of all detailed data!"

Bank, the Du flew to arrive a car Heng to fly Anne to protect company.Tomorrow take of those 5,000,000, he is preparation to younger brother in the company.The this period of time company has been closing the door, those younger brother although some places, have a meal to always have to be expensive.Front segment time Li Guang return to country of time, also delivered money for the younger brothers, but Du's flying at that time confusion time of having never thought this Europe will grow so, so that will money delivering thinks come now also remain only a few.

polo ralph lauren coupons After getting the advantage of this kind of accident, 51 areas immediately world well-known biologist way Doctor Ge, and many living creature science field the famous researcher please come to base, then take out respectively a bottle of five-star and the gene medicine of six star classes make them carry on a research.As for leave of a bottle of six the star class gene medicine and five bottles of five-star gene medicines, then direct give super can fight brigade captain to open match boon and those five remarkable talents of four star classes to inject, let them start evolving.

"How, want to escape?"Wait strange living creature to drill a mire pond, float in the Du and fly in the moment, he just smiles to ask a way, however this silk smile an idea, is make the strange living creature some tremble with fear.

"Boon."The summer blares snow point to nod should a , then sit properly according to speech.

gvbjagx Being handsome to coagulate the strength of the whole body can not also break they cooperate to deploy of that defendoofs.

"That good, the I returns to first to tidy up some kind of, the on bed terms way friend chatted more!"Feel to also can not get while chatting what news, the Du flew then an arch hand to take leave.

This time Tang can son already slowly from fondled mo to become to crumple to knead, returned like this however Tang of habit can the son Be simply to release money small pure hands, taking advantage o her hasn't responded to come over, that hand soon held tight Qian Xiao Qing's one from the on the side full, continued to acrossed clothes to crumple to knead, accurate come to say Tang can the son skill this time be all different from to be playing trick at 1:00 and on the contrary seem normal flirtation skill similar.

The place concealed for flying Du. In the continuous growth, the wave is green to gradually put idea at the Mi of a heavenly body mysterious disappearance smell up.Because jot down according to the data in the cosmos database, in more than 10,000,000,000 years of cosmos history, drive see the star body that oddity disappears reach to more more than 1,000s, this still not and at last those aren't seen of, thinking necessarily and actually should is more.

"Evil palace, do you still want to cooperate with evil palace?"Listen to Du fly to say that that late lament is an evil palace pupil, six white 2 people all facial expression is on changing, however six green because evil palace's in total disorder fame in Peng Lai queried on the spot.But great white crane true person but is thought of that the Gu precipice son that the previous Du flies to that evil palace shows leniency,combines be much more than considers for the sake of her?

The 撟 Long μ Shu ┮ pays Holmes' way of 瑪 , the 摬⒏ Li Nao Yi bag Shan salt waits on Suan N to cure the × Π Liu |


jeremy scott adidas wings The place that he lives is a small room that rents in the outside of school, small but very free.He before is live in the Shen sub- home, endured cold stare, afterwards the Shen son throws a living expenses to he, beat him deliver come out, and saw appearance, very obviously hope gold small open during a lifetime don't return to.The gold is small to open although full stomach complaint, also not say what, after all Shen son how again not good, also calculate to have a loving care from childhood to him.

"That you are previous why don't say to know the order of elder, if not that I come back from growing more a mind's eye to see, was played with by you still don't know!"See the Yan leave Ao however of appearance, immediately angry in worry China heart, directly asked source question.

Modern people because lonesome cause specially show zeal for to"talk" that the feeling "say"s love;However again because the cause skinned a flint, the feeling and love all constructs on the weak foundation.

I have already with all strength spared no effort and discovered quest currently.I left her and arrived a with of the place being different from searched more informations to go.

jeremy scott adidas 2013 Qian Xiao Qing didn't thought of that the jade unexpectedly was many people's noodles to so say out at the male and hurriedly interrupted jade in the male's words way:"I have no, I have no."

 The Mu autumn of one side also has no carefree, in a flash attackstone in the secondary rainbow clothes, she has been already begun as well and sends out a fierce roar in, Chu the body of the text Xuan immediately a shake.

"What?!"The fire tooth is surprised to be getting more foolish, if these are true, that not is to say big summer clansmen, are all everythings only the fortresses that the sands Lei becomes?As long as is flushed by sea water, re- change into a sand grain for the meeting!Only calm down to come to cautiously want, also really is so.They are only one part that separates to go out from the origin, want to be subjected to control of the origin naturally.


jeremy scott adidas bones "Indeed as expected is a commercial traveller to spread to fix, eyes be well make!"Hong Xian way the person have been hiding pleasing to listener in the woods the Du fly and the black dress person's dialogue, see an affair have been already revealed at this time, hide also Be getting duller again, directly leap out to say with smile.

Seal a Ling suddenly and a little bit and regret ownly and recklessly, own behavior seems Xie du she, it is to really believe to seem to be not, seal a Ling to grind teeth, explore into dream son depend on of heart deep place.

Going fishing what this affair need is a patience, much less jade at male again be not go fishing in the fish pond, here is an ocean, perhaps along whiles' all having no fish to take the bait is also very normal.

He would say nothing else.

jeremy scott wings Is each to forbid machine while using, will consume a huge quantity dollar dint, even if accept in the body need not, also all consume a lot.Even if is that the gold is small to open have already come to a the top-class stage of fifth rank now, and make because of various chance again its ratio generally gobble up the dollar of many severals dint, but still keep being not enough to consume while making use of many pieces to forbid a machine.

Wonder after, a long time's gold is small to open just on the whole is manage pure take place in this period of time of weird affair-obviously, oneself drive at present of the regiment mentally dense to pull into among an extremely true dreamland, and in my noodles became a person moreover.Looking at ground up lie of those people, the gold is small to open wry smile to shake to shake head.These guy also all sinking in the dreamland can not from pull out?

9 Prisoner The for escaping Escaped Prisoner


adidas jeremy scott wings In Ao snow of irresolute of time Li Jun lightly says:"Sun Mou isn't the person who doesn't preach a reason, when the time comes as long as speaking with him is clear can, if Sun Mou acts wilfully

Looking at those 2 people to hobble ground to leave, the gold is small snow opening to the distance to say with smile:"These two guys see the somebody whom the appearance is Qin Di's space."

The gold is small to open to wonder for a while, in the heart a move.While thinking of to at the beginning see a gold color the card pulling, he once saw a lot of stone statues as well in that historic relic building and seemed to be also to have a similar sign line on those stone statues.The stone statue physical volume only seeing at that time is huge, the foot contained ten several rice Gao and absolutely was like knoll, basically wasn't so small now.

In the same week, quiet seek Ling, she wants to know why the Ling wants the strand of injury docile like this.Is finally quiet for the first time cautiously seeing of the front side Ling, she is really a very excellent female kid!The long hair being beautiful goes together with the face of goose egg sort to still have a white clean skin color, and her result is also a beauty of very good standard to add gifted woman in the class!Her ray of light lets calms down the inferiority complex of producing a kind of invisible, but Ling of supercilious let calm down and very disgust.Is quiet to toward Ling to say:"Ling, how are you!The ability is presumptuous to ask you why want to say so cruel words Yao to the strand like this, you like this do to really hurt him!You can ……"the quiet words haven't finished saying, the Ling made a noise to interrupt:"Not be saying, I am so direct of, all has a lot of boys to vindicate to me for each semester of, I am there of so many spare times realize ah, and which what strand is to chase, the type that I dislike most , certainly interrupt his mind to pull a while!"

cheap jeremy scott adidas "Is so severe?"The gold is small to open secretly and suddenly tongue."Anyway now ice eye drive handcuffs shackles the lock live, can not resist, you sponge up her strength at once."

One originally some dead loyalty in the sky, seeing the general situation has been already gone and then surrenders to the darkly evil palace palace lord in succession, while one among the days is one confident, then will at the beginning sky an and the solid Lun do obeisance secretly plan to seize darkly the affair of the evil palace tell airtight to obtain stepping-stone for getting a post!

The fairyland is the subsidiary space of this cosmos, compare to one personal arms and legs on the body.This rash activity of the person of the variation, although come to an a purpose,equally aroused the difference of cosmos' changing!


jeremy scott bones Bearer tiny way:"Is long to living a palace, heresy dollar!"

The leaf sings breeze to see Li Yan play the time that the cup harms an enemy just know that Li Yan is in managing strength actually and already to appears lost in thought to go into to turn of situation.While being public to again push a cup to change just that inside wait on again in quick time walked come in kneel last in the ground:"The Qi moves his majesty, city Wei to report, a person who claims to be a fairy force the empire Xiao Yi dust leads 50,000 Shu the private come to support an our country, 50,000 people have already set up camp outside the city, does the city Wei ask his majesty to put the dust of Xiao Yi to go into the city?"Li Yan sees toward Ao snow of the one side it after finishing listenning to.Ao snow of ordering and noding way:"His majesty, this dust of Xiao Yi is exactly the chief of the my humble country Shu private's regiment."Li Yan is getting Ao snow, it really after recognizing to nearby of Li Tai say:"Tai son, you substitute me to greet Xiao Yi in person dust the chief enter a temple.Remember, absolutely can not neglect."Li Tai leaves a seat but goes after promising a .

"You pour is say, you is be not have again what scheme, oneself says, I ain't so cheat of, you how can drive they give

"This sign line already so baby, that hide in the behind of, actually what good thing is the meeting ?"The gold is small to open unbearable heart in of curious,

jeremy scott adidas bones But, the doctor says that he drives the speed is too quick, put on brakes out of order.It is giving first aid.My Tan keeps on being soft.I don't know to still have at this time what don't can not make I self-reproach.

The gold is small to open a whole body have no dint, feel oneself just like debility similar.Dollar in the body of Mo Cha dint, the gold is small to open and in astonishment discover, own layer still is at three rank awakening degree, but the dollar of the savings in the body dint but vastly and mightily, limitless and boundless, have already outrun the extreme limit of third rank!

"And your younger brother wash hands to have a meal!"See a daughter strange look in the eyes, foresight Chen's wife opens mouth and says what, quickly say, then ruthlessly stared Huang Xiao E's one eye.


cheap polo ralph lauren "Ha ha, saw many before those men accompanied the girl friend to go shopping, think how to also arrest you once, today although be not in the outside, circumstance also about, I also like to experience personally the taste that someone accompanies all of a sudden!"See the Du fly to wave hand, six green suddenly thought of the small wishes in those early years, then come forward Wan to live the arm that the Du flies to say with smile.

After, the area that was blunt to once kill to fight a member's morrow would is to live area.The great majority living here are stars to steal family members, they almost have no fighting strength, and the women and kid had the great majority.The gold is small happy win slightly some cant not bear to, these people can say to have no fault, but the gold is small to open to also have no silly must go to and ask for a favor with tooth Liao-the enemy of the monster person and star thief's resent, will never be easily can dissolve, those are several decades, even hundreds of years accumulate down of old grudge, only have be among them of a square be thoroughly exterminated after just can be set free.

"In addition to Zong Men holding in addition to sell a product, and do the others sell goods?"Have never realized one sad one pleased sky of Cang and six lines of 2 people, the Du flies to ask to have other circumstances.

Say with smile:"This still have to Kui seal to more leave benefactor, unless he explains and convinces, the Hui far still doesn't know to when just can break."

ralph lauren polo outlet online "The sky still falls not to come down, let's have a meal!"The summer blares snow-white son's one eye, the cold voice scolds a way.The summer thunder thus sinks not to live spirit and make her trust ground to hand over to him the whole world group!

"Boy, is this it you that are a tone that the disciple should have?"There are some dissatisfied ways in the thunder hat:"The truth tells you, the boy is the place of my self-discipline here and named red burning hole, you arrive at here to think again go out.Putting the road in front of you to only have is two, 1 are to do obeisance me as teacher, becomes one hard qualified evil bite, Article 2, that is to die of old age in the this jailbird's room, Hey Hey, I think that you will understand actually how to should choose."

"Leave!"Respond Hong Xian way working properly of person's knowing is paying attention to them, the Du flies to have no many speeches, forward the main matter of hall inside ordered to nod, then and wave green 2 people left 1000.

qqrkrqm The gold is small to open to wait a group of people to arrive at that canyon of the front be lived road by the cloud and mist Zu, can not be ex- to go.The gold is small to open tiny wrinkly knit the brows, dollar the dint coagulate a double eyes, the super Tong ability launches and immediately and then sees the structure of that cloud and mist to a deeply.Come from a small idea for opening of gold to anticipate, that cloud and mist is unexpectedly a kind of very unusual defense sign line!It doesn't have much violent defense ability, but very of fortitude and resilience, which afraid is an enemy to break open the most outside layer into bank of clouds inner part, it is similar to smoothly act to will also be like to sink into mud.

The gold is small to open to cannot help but saying with smile:"You finally thought of this problem?See appearance for this period of time you are occupied in self-discipline and connect so important affairs all regardless of."

The early summer that Gao Er soon end, promise Cao the slightest not for the Gao San's strain or Tan Te that will soon arrive, still keep being the appearance of that slovenly.Sometimes take the paintbrush of Tu Man's pigment arrive me front of say, Min Lin, to you draw a few beards.

"What are you dry?"Wave the hatch that was green to just fly to the Du to fly airship, see he flew out, not from passed mentality to oddly ask a way.

ralph lauren coupons "There is no request, didn't request!"Some kind of speaks that Chen is just flown by the Du first make some hair Mengs, suddenly listen to the Du flying to say to make him make a request again and flurried putting a hand brush-off way.

This person's shape is extremely robust, an arms all open than the small gold of the thigh still have to be thick, the Ji knots of the muscle piece piece swell up and had a liking for be full of strength.Don't know as well to is the reason why, that Human body is last to be dressed in an unbearably dilapidated shorts, top half the Tan then expose, the skin on the body deeply is an ancient bronze work color.

The owners were all got a fright by the result like this, who didn't also thought of have been refusing to budge not descend of troops only because making moves of a person, thoroughly break the status of this kind of balance.If say what to break this kind of balance is a sturdy real strenght opponent, they are still unlikely so shocked, can now complete all these only is a shadow occupation.Want to know that the shadow occupation is on the mainland be not so is extoled of, after all in addition to assassin outside other two kinds of occupationses all be not so see only.The owners all think even if is a how strong shadow occupation on the positive battlefield is also have no a function.But the performance of fierce heaven thoroughly overturned this thought today, although serious wound Li Jun is a fierce heaven to make use of its never thought that of but attain a purpose, so the shot harms the ice is cold but is the performance of fierce heaven real strenght.Because from bump to fly Sun Zhong until the shot harmed cold fierce heavens of ices don't cover up his/her own body form.The ice coldly withdraws to say to make four


"Boon."Flowing the left Feng area of cloud mountain is very large, the Du flew to feel for a while, here spiritual influence indeed as expected very strong, compare it at the beginning him is not bad either in the Luo sub- apex!Satisfaction of order, the Du flies to signal hint the pupil in two territories to take him to enter hole

Is medium, they are very helpful.When you told me the Si set Pu once to once do a school in the north of England, I checked his life experience and its source.I discover that he comes from South America.So, everythings all cleared up."

For sink into the men and women in the emotion, whether the small wasp that is being like to intrude into a house have already canned not found an ingoing street corner while waiting until and flying?Whether separate to make us sink into place of doom at the person and the emotion glass in the life?Across the glass sees of landscape and has no landscape that the glass acrosses is similar, but why walk not to go out?

"Bomb!"Hugely bellowing one is deafening, the whole boundary all in the violent rock, the gold is small to open to feel an outside world dollar dint already the rashness get up indiscriminately, the thick wood attribute world dollar dint of original Wen Chun Mian imitates a Buddha to turn whirlpool that make violent Xuan of a 's move and floods between the whole world.

The purple flame of whole body wins previously more, the medium purple color of double eye, almost have already covered up eye pupil ……

Love warms more than a thousand fires. Love of intensely hot excel must the fire of regiment.

"BE."Five members who smell speech 138 squads together drink a , quick came out from the crowd, stood to the Du to fly after death, but at rather the Peng suggested next 134 the squads are five members, although the inquiry that didn't raise hand,heard the Du flying at the moment after, lower the head to have no speech.

"Green jade precious jade, don't know the affair that the elder generation entrusts to you, you does how?"Need to be arrived at a gentleman to face the most top-class reserved box that the hotel reserves, after Lin Bi Yao orders bellboy to come to disturb, the Du flies then openings dynasty she ask a way.

"Guest officer, your doing so making me difficult is pure!"See fly Hong to isn't moved by him, the fat shopkeeper facial expression suddenly resumed mild, coldly Chou an eye fly Hong to say.

Those big fellows are obviously to have already begun with others, all of a s are that the green nose faces are swollen, get hurt not and lightlies.Run them to in the street behind, behind again several individuals made track for to come up and towarded this a few big fellows to strike and kick, still don't live ground to drink to scold at the same time.

The Du flew to also follow to smile to smile, then opened mouth to ask a way:"President of association you of Xin Ji, that I acquired a seat now and needed to be implemented what obligation?"


The red and burning etc. person stands together, 1 F translucent light act proliferation goes out and covers with all of their a group of peoples, under the hit of that wave Wei however immobility.Ground drive that wave to pare off 1 F, but arrived them to nearby but all and immediately spread to go, the end unexpectedly formed a clear circular on the ground and divided an outside unusual.

Prognosticate after experiment circumstance finish sending out, the Du fly and checked a time of space to stand the movement circumstance of each system, see the whole as usual, then left work area.

"Rob to take part in the monk of city with each other, if spread perhaps will let us three Suns with big reputation!"Pan the old ghost Be tiny to ponder for a while, the suggestion putting forward to Liu Lao Gui in times before meant to query.

But disallow the use of big area to work properly to know to probe in the territory, Du's flies and then signaling hint green jade precious jade is small to enjoy two elder sister Shis and younger brothers to lead the way.

Arrived to leave his fifth year finally, at a difficult to express party, she astonishedly discovered his figure.These five years inside she doesn't know to conceive an excessive little kind of scene for reencountering, however this act but like this and brusquely take place at present at her.She discovers that her own heart soon stopped and even had a kind of felling for fainting, the tears finally overflowed, five in the last yearses allly remembered fondly and concerned about in this a moment to break out.A moment that that how fig ups ha!The world seems the just flaming combustion is between each this split second, the ocean seems crazy Tao to seem to be just vacillating and dashing between each this split second......But, she more astonishedly discovers, his smiling face remains charming, his bearing remain cool-headed, be just at his nearby many a girl.She knows that that girl is the unique in his heart, but she be not.She imitated a Buddha to hear heart-broken voice......

"What does this calculate?Space technique?"Distance snow still be regarded as compare the town settle.

'I can't give you a real reason.I don't know anything for certain.'

"Unexpectedly the Zhi brain of this airship the grade is so high!"See the variation that the moxa rice connect in the black Ze star person's base legal powers can pass, the blue mountain sword of one side face now stunned color, fly a mumbling way to the Du at the same time, " elder generation, you this airship can't the Duo come from the variation the person the alliance the councilman's hand of?"

"Who know, probably is a war, probably is a disease, probably is a natural calamity ……mankind always very weak living creature."

"You go to there, hotel what of all arrange?"The Du flew to clap the arm of clapping the Xiao Xuan and smilingly asked a way.

"Yes."For this, the Du flies the necessity that didn't deny.


The gold is small to open to certainly know better than to oneself the energy infusion on the body into forbid among the machine, he still has another good thing-sky Lu evil stone!That thing has already had been having no too great use after he gets, can regard as to collect an article be been small by the gold to open at the crystal of cube in-mainly because Lu evil stone in sky in the energy contained was really too huge, huge arrive gold

By hand the Wu is in that man's left chest, the jade discover to still have a very tiny heart palpitates and then and immediately grasp his head, the facing near the bank visits.

After four hours, the Du flies to finally finish probing into the original stone in the warehouse and includes to work properly the original stone of hard stone and finds out 2 pieces, comes to owner Wu's warehouse this time and works properly a hard stone to exactly find out 4 pieces!

Helplessly stopped a cultivation, the Du flew to adjust to use to work properly know into there on exploring, but is a personal shadow is bouncing on the tree branch to come over, see his body form, the real strenght should be quite good.

The color of the sky dims down gradually, night arrival.The whole youth of encampment after full of beansly playing to make a burst of all deeply sleep to go, only the gold Be small to open to silently climb.He pours not to is to prepare to secretly escape, but want to absorb some of the earth vitalities in the crystal cube, can speed the speed that oneself replies a dollar dint so.


See the is strange and common boat Sun Mou waits a person to also can not guess a sunshine country to beat of what abacus.However feel naturally by these people's real strenght there is no the breathing of life in this boat.Sun Mou by hand medium of the gold knife slowly pick to open that oilcloth, be see owners all pour to absorb an one mouthful air conditioner after the scene of inside, sees oilcloth below tidy of put seven person's heads, these people first one with angry look circle Zheng wear, but these seven underneaths of person's heads are a lot of meats ends that are chopped fine by the disorderly knife, that dry blood shows these people already die a period of time, only is a person's head cent quilt special once handle just seem to be like while was living generally.Even if is such as these persons who used to see life and death of Sun Mou also not from of face last one deadly pale.But sing breeze such as the leaf these persons who have never truely once experienced personally war stomach inside

In those sign lines only the attack of monster under, very quickly anterior of that flew empty boat then slowly down and got empty some parts of boat to start burnable emit smoke, often have an explosion voice to ring out.Suddenly several personal shadows flee from the cabin room, by leap and bound facing under of the grand canyon flee elsewhere.Although this several individuals speed is quick, but tracks their light monster the speed is faster!

"Is really the gist to arrive sewerage to turn over a ship, have never thought this thing still has the ability to shuttle in the material in the gold and meet next time can not ability again small lo!"Just just on exchanging blows, Du's flying at the right moment will assault him of the front side of thing see clearly, feel to seem which cultural heritage up once see, move capture alive idea, just make use of the world truth change soil wall structure of realization to be like to tie~up the other party, who want to still let that guy to escape!

Walk to side in the bookcase of《purple crystal sword Jue 》 jade place Chien, the Du flies to picked up that jade Chien, again will work properly to know to deeply go in to read in detail.

When 2 people consider how to get away from the circumstance in nowadays they also from the air fell into sea water.One of Hua rings, 2 people


"Two elder generations, such as your heart think, this is an all new cosmos!"Do decision, the Du flies and then no longer hesitate, the language wonderfully says.

. That's very nice of you.(You are really good.)50. I'm very proud of you.(I feel proud of for you.)51. I like your style.(I like your style.)52. I love you guys.(I love you.)53. How do I look?(I look how?)54. You look great!(You have a liking for stick pole!)55. That's fantastic!(That is really the stick pole!)56. That's really something.(How fantastic that is!)57. It's a pleasure working with you.(Cooperate with you very happily.)58. Congratulations on you success.(Congratulate your success.)59. I'd like to propose a toast.(I suggest bottoms up!)60. Are you married or single?(Are you married?)61. I've been dying to see you.(I want to see you very much.)62. I'm crazy about you.(I am your madness/the Chi be fond of/heart in torment.)63. I love you with all my heart.(I whole heartedly love you!)64. You're everything to me.(You are my everything!)65. You're in love!(You were in love!)66. I'm tired of working all day.(Whole day the work makes me tired of.)67. You work too much.(You do Be getting tooer many.)68. Money will come and go.(Money is an external things.)69. Are you crazy?(Are you getting more crazy?)70. Have you got it?(Be getting more understand?)71. I've got i

Once have a meal later jade at male the opportunity to seek soon ran, anyway the circumstance here is temporarily steady to settle down, oneself stays on the contrary not so good here, have Tang can the son and Qian Xiao Qing et al looking at also not what big trouble, and should also give them the sister of thoroughly chatted for a while.

Is burning to explode to take part in a funeral procession is list body sorcery, the power is the strongest.The Du flew to use to work properly to know to fish for in the moment blaze to explode to take part in a funeral procession all of a sudden result in of the hole is deep, not from Za Za tongue, dark Cun in heart, even if estimate to get top for a while with the his so violent body, will also suffer from not light wound.

Once connected after the card Du to fly a point to nod, also have no again many speeches, directly leave.

In the class of an adult that I teach recently, I did a "not forgivable"s affair.

The gold is small to open now big customer of becoming the mysterious person already, the attitude of this guy comes right away a the change of 180 degrees, smilingly open a way to the small gold:"Small brothers, what ticket did you just aren't asking the rice Mr. Zhu to want to buy?He wants to buy to really in really leave the one-way of this world!The words that is a little bit more concrete to say, be leave the Earth space, get into the pass of other time dollar spaces!"

The Hui only and suddenly ordered to nod.

"Tidy up thing., This go to is want to make you spread agriculture of technique, thing concerning farming technology, you all take."Wave hand to spread one work properly dint and start to give 2 females of my father Lin, the Du flies lightly an order way.

"Elder brother Xia Yu, did you forget?You but once promised to take me to go to a big Dou monster field."The young girl acts in pettish sort ground shook to shake a gold small open of arm.

Fire, still should not weigh burning.heavy Ran, formerly those beautiful recollections will also turn into naught. if we have never weighed to gather, probably my 僣 takes he deeply remembers fondly to talk over with, until body Shuai Xiu;But, this a moment, but I hate him to love a person, you be self-respect.Promise originally is wrestle of man and chemisette, sometimes satisfaction of everybody concerned, the circumstance but nobody wins of most parts.If the love isn't a refuge shelter, want to go in to seek refuge, is a meeting be expeled come of.The most severe virus is love and lies.We fear years, but don't know on the hoof is how pleased.We think that the existence has been dull, but many people are struggling between the life and death.When, is everything that we are willing to own for ourselves full of to appreciate?Forget years, forget pain and sufferings, forget your bad, we never never say to see again.


The persons all say wine well, big happy in the Dan dust son heart, satisfiedly smiled, imitating the Buddha has already seen the hole leave the true person lowers the head to hand over to him that thousand years the black rattan, then the ash slips away ground to leave.

The crowd that watches on all sides but is to see some kind of another scenes, the vehemence that see the leaf singing breeze that wild violent in action fiercely for of a prosperous, the close behind leaf sings breeze body a blood wildly spray but.Those bloods have never spread to fall a ground and is led to generally and in the sky beat Xuan facing the first appear of falsely the shadow float to go, those are four appear afterwards of falsely shadow seem know what also facing those bloods suddenly suck away, but those blood good with and together and falsely copy a company to measure good generally the slightest be free from the influence of foreign strength to generally integrate into that to falsely copy in.The blood integrates to make originally and have some infirmity falsely the shadow immediately resumed the status of highest point, the color also became to°from the original ivory a light blood-red color,

"BE!"The Qiu Ye Er people smell the speech receive orders but go to, in a little moment, there take place violent energy motion, pour to let the E country warrior on the field eat a surprised.

Really can't fall in love with an another person again

"In fact also about."See person of hush nod, the Du flew to smile to smile, also had no direct denial, turn but say, " originally this was to want to directly control the fairyland of Peng Lai by force, but afterwards in consideration of wanted to accept a Peng Lai fairyland, only was been to can not get public by force threat, so just sent to divide time to left for to integrate into the fairyland of Peng Lai."

Isn't intentional don't be named wrong had the heart the non- to once do evil can change Be returned to have no if cover up to increase one Gu

The gold is small to open although don't know fire tooth at do what, can feel that the fire tooth strength in the body is quickly consuming, one the time winking then have the sign line of around ten thousand way to melt into gobble up a pit in, the close behind fire tooth is again the breathing jet in a gold yellow, that gobbles up pit to also become golden light Zhan however, dazzling and colorful.Fire tooth the place that that gobbles up a pit to press the small gold to open an ex- sum, shout at top of voice, that gobbled up a pit to unexpectedly melted into!

"Ah!How was this ?"Distance snow at see the whole wolf in the big palace

At step into passage of, the gold is small happy in some amaze, the felling that once wore passage this time seems and has a dissimilarity formely and seemed to be many the dint of a kind of extremely arcane Zu Zhi, if is an oneself capability slightly the one who differ to somely practice moral teachings, all perhaps can hardly cross this passage.Feel this kind of abnormality, the gold is small happy to read a to move, immediately return to hold tight thunder of the arm of Mo and thunder Die 2 people, pull they are over the passage.Although took two people more,open to small the gold in nowadays to say but don't calculate what, just two girls but be been crowded by the passage pressure dizzy.

The Hai recognizes little boy, and be despised by the somebody else, still walk quickly for wonderful.

After, the process so long-term use's gold is small to open have already controled big parts of techniques of thunder war drum in the sky, thunder war drum in the sky has already become one of his strong dint weapon, particularly is responding speed up, the sound of thunder war drum in the sky offends and absolutely resides is small and open at the gold own of the head of all weapons!


Meanwhile, that underground base inside, give Ni is grasping two pupils that are responsible for an observation to madly roar a way:"You are how to observes, doesn't their disappearing all know?"

Tang can the son is red face to say:" This month just keep in mind the last, time isn't long, you don't want to always force an otaku, and I promise that he will have his own plan.Don't believe you to ask Lin Jie, Lin Jie all knows."

"Thank!"Listen to the Du fly so on saying, week small United States knows that she fought for the work in this short time, remaining thank, the hands put on not to know how more and more tearses, quickly ran pink chrysanthemum.

The gold is small to open to hear their dialogues, know that they didn't want to they how, secretly loosenned tone in the heart."That, how can I call you?"Gold small development this aureate runt seems now the power is very big, immediately and then doing must try to please the decision of this runt.

"To, tooth Liao they?Recently still does the one who have to rob come over?"The gold is small to open to think of the star thieves before he sit quietly and meditate.

"Yes, elder generation."The Du flies to nod should a , start calculating in the heart whether now leave medium cloud star, prepare to once wear to disorder a star area by transmission.

"So, I also the main theme taught you's brilliant strategy."Left bosom Yu purpose of enunciation.

The gold is small happy medium have some regrets, just time is urgent, he have no in time and that gold eye monster person well communicate for a while, don't know as well person of monster will from explode of cause actually is what, however see that gold eye monster person's appearance, it is that they don't know as well by themselves to seem.Is it those monster persons that produced variation?Or drive what person carried on a reformation?The gold is small to open to sway to sway a head, all threw these minds to a part, no longer missed it.


Forgot to conjecture for a while other 5 of the big field surroundings mourn feet building, in addition to that chief is foolish that, other 4 should be as just about as the circumstance that is "overrun" by him.

Of the sword annoy to vomit from the sword point place, the facing is just made much and more by money muddle-headed the Kai Rui changing direction rush toward.Li Jun grows a gun after seeing the action that the Mu permits a sky a tremble will stab to permit a sky to the Mu, but the Li Li didn't give her this opportunity and connected the feather arrows of bead to offend under the match of the magic of Wan Rong to Li Jun, Li Jun's hasing to to take back is about to stab the breaking of soldier gun to defend with all strength.


Ma Jun goes and then felted by consciousness to is a Du to is flown to seek him at that time, but he interest blunt blunt ground after rushing through to face sea, but that person's breaking promise don't appear, henceforth three years, he will pretend to get each time however that begging of small generation left for, but time time all disappointment but return.But he is some to be getting more frustrated at present, can who know that the Du flew to finally come to seek him!

Deny to decree by destiny with of a see."

 "Are not you the real strenght with two ranks?How also so?"The gold is small to open some doubts.

Seal all strict absolute being of Ling and Hui light alert, for the place that 2 people all don't acquaint with, the best way is certainly a cooperation, the 2 people tacit understanding at ordinary times is also very good, this turning point, certainly want to take out this kind of tacit understanding.

moor.A boy works for him and brings him all the food and things he needs.That's all Selden told me.'

"Du Du!"The Du flies just a let go of heart, inside the airship suddenly rang out an alert voice, was driving green favour of the wave of airship open energy probe into once the instrument saw, not from facial expression upheaval, twisted a head the dynasty Du flew a way, "just that star drove ten deluxe warships, just toward our acceleration made track for!"

"BE, believe in a lord!"Rather the Peng waits person to hear the order that the Du flies, together voice should sentence, then other monks Be dispersed in succession to leave, but rather the Peng then walk to the front of the human faces like son in the Gu precipice,etc and saw their an eye lightly say, "follow me!"

At the moment already lead noon, according to at the beginning rushing through to it of speed, it is already a midnight to perhaps rush through to return to big brigade encampment cent, rather the Peng wants to come forward rightness have no falsely persuade, but after the Du flies to pull to pull sleeves

I want to see Peking during a lifetime.Now so big age, thought that Peking was to could not see at first.But saw two Peking men now, is also luck.Old man says, Qing it is all, did flourishing good rice for them, said to will not take a penny everything.

Reality tell us, in the life of miss really too many, much more several disappointed, much more several helpless.At pay no attention, many fine memories so of wipe a shoulder but lead with us, go with the breeze.Who the person have that to persist going or staying to guard that Mi foot precious recollection.It is those to let to keep all mostly in recollection people sad things of the past, so have again who courageous turn over to open that memory that covers with dust already a long time!I think that that doesn't stay, that lets it goes with the breeze, let it seamless vestige.But, we seem how also can not forget in the past, how can and like this?

The skill that gives Mu to the Ao, really prepare to play some Suos of patterns to pull Bo in the heart immediately some not to heart's content get up, however evidence current, he also not say what, can be strong to smile should descend Ao to give Mu, then ended to converse this time.

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