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cheap polo ralph lauren Hear gold Dan dehorting of early monk, three princes are shivering and surprised, immediately one whole clothes, awfully and slow step head for the Du of the front of counter to fly, at he after death two meters place stop under, a Yi arrives ground.

"Say so to come to these rascals actually the diagram of is what?"Li Yan's eyebrows is tightly wrinkly to together repeat this sentence.

That young girl isn't other people, exactly that summer clan that steals to prepare to open the heart of looting the absolute being with small gold in the treasure-house in the star"princess"!

That close Wei polite one gift, this just turns round to leave.

polo ralph lauren outlet With heavy hearts we stood on either side of the broken body.Then Holmes bent over the body and began to move it.All of a sudden he began to laugh and jump up and down.

y dad. Before my eyes his face softened, the wrinkles seemed to disappear and he began to cry. The He reached out and hugged me and said, 'the I love you too, son, but I'the ve never been able to say it.'

"The Du flies."


wholesale polo ralph lauren , It then be seeing the character of their body.Generally have thousand times of an of the prime of life expect radicle benefactor to again inject seven star classes evolution medicine, certainly, this of inject to also want to wait until them at the age of 135 .Inject eight stars, nine stars after, ten the star class evolution medicine, with inject seven star classes evolution medicine similar, all basically is front one class can inject population thousand times of a.Is also say, the radicle boon galaxy is 1,000,000,00> population bases, finally can succeed to inject advanced ten star classeses of medicines of, also only 10 people is just.

Once wore the white ray of light of outside turn, 2 people finally fell thunder war drum in the sky of superficial.The gold is small to open to feel a kind of practical illusion, if isn't an expanse of white surroundings one, he still really thinks is returned to the Earth.

Shower after opening, the jade pulls money at the male small pure slowly stand up, in case she because the ache fell down, then embrace her be together flushed by warm water.

Is a to hugely patrol the empty boat slowly slide past from the distance and see its appearance, obviously is the smuggle with never discovered to hide here empty boat.Looking at that to patrol empty boat already after leaving a distance, smuggle empty the boat finally and slightly move, like deep sea under of shark, silently drill into lilac of nebula in.

ralph lauren outlet The original station still prepares to make moves to obstruct in a few elders in the big palace, but very quick their faces up peeped out the air of one silk fright-their body have already gradually become a bit transparent, the strength in the body is quickly also running off at the same time!Combine is much more than their strength is running off, the whole day the Lu Gao Ta, the whole big summer clansmen's city, even this whole world, all started losing strength, and started becoming unsteady.

However, when 2 people ask the place of pure evening grand canyon, in the heart all not from some surprise-originally that grand canyon unexpectedly in the absolute being all of neighborhood!2 people know my noodles towards seeing one eye, not whether have what peculiar.

Does the 撃 Xi suffer from Joe Gui ?rdquo;I say.The 撐 Yi title Ye Jiu which raise the Bian to hang the Ning D pay spring onion of male fat Xie Gu Qin to blow a mold?lsquo;Please must burn down this letter, and the time in 10:00 arrive wicket there go.'"

pflrixo "Nothing!"The Yan leaves cold hum an in response to the way.Although for today's affair, he isn't pretty much clear, however see the oneself elder deliver a so great temper and even don't hesitate to make a territory lord there, his knowing is this Jing Hao the true person is aiming at oneself elder, however finally this true person fail, steal a chicken not and become on the contrary eclipse pair of rice!

Chapter 7 tries to find solution a Duo treasure(bottom)

Fire tooth

So test completion along with Mo Chou Gu's third moral qualities, just still mourned facial expression of those Mo sorrow valley pupil, each touch bosom in of the thing peeped out smiling face.But what those failed to be elected is about 300 poor family kids, but is full chamber anger to hate hard state.

ralph lauren coupons 'Stapleton had the idea of buying a huge hound,and of using the phosphorus to make it shine like the hound in the story.I have found the place where he bought the animal.He took it by train to Devonshire and walked many miles ov

"The Gao Deng Shou person can talk, low etc. monster the person can listen to can not say."That monster person stares at a gold small open a way:"If you aren't an enemy, so ask you to release we."

On the grandstand four National Assembly the form hope downward of time, rest three commander - in - chiefs also in great quantities wear this own opponent.The war that sees white noodles Duo right away wears a person of white Kui white A, Qing of hand wear one pole big gun facing F square's military flag bottom Chi come, be arrived military flag to dismount to up ride a hand on taking Ma Jiang, fight Ma Ren to sign but rise will ride the noodles of hand to permit to leak out.After the noodles that sees a pure bearer permits, the field took place bottom to ring out at the same time a few surprised shout, Sun Mou waits what person shouted BE:"What?"The emotion of surprise and cut up rough in the tone all includes.But etc. of Ao snow person but shout a way:"How to return


adidas wings 2.0 Just in the Di hall, six green be frightenned not and lightly, is absolutely birds atartled by the mere twang of a bow now.Once this mind get into a brain, whole body not from shiver, tremble to begin to take out a cellular phone to prepare to stir to call 110.

The gold is small to open is just also a ten how old youths, although this day get in touch with rather many super often affairs, essentially and still is youth's disposition, the state of minds all show on the face, distance snow and Wei fingerling also feel his mood, equally a bit sad.To say to now leave the Earth but they have no to reluctant to part with, that is absolutely leave words.Probably in normal times in annoyed a monotonous life, wanted to make track for incitement, but once stimulating put at at present, the but again is some hesitant, all of this is a common feeling.

Wanted to think, this time the Du flies to have no directly let out to work properly burning, but sweep into those all the universe quit in.Last time, he directly let out to work properly in the warehouse burning gobbled up iron of the behavior of the piece, have a little rash.Wanting to know to work properly burning evolution is he carries on inside the body, if revealed breathing, could not say will drive what person seek to come, if be discovered by Wu Dang Pai's pupil, he perhaps and again escapes to go to Europe!

"Big way 3,000, heartless and have the feeling two kinds of methods for just fixing a way, wait till the last, different roads lead to the same goal, all want to comprehend a big way naturally!"See really is hide however go to, the Du flies by dint of own comprehension gave the Peng the old answer.

jeremy scott adidas wings However is very quick, filled Ni Er and then asked for him this question:"The saint palace inside actually has what is you desirable of?You Be getting more crazy?Unexpectedly dare to take the offensive the imperial palace of nine star empires ……"

Have never flown Du to carry toward to entertain guest to use of big hall, four elders directly ordered the public security driving to drive electric cell car grounds.But at this time, several big elders and main small male in the house of elder hospital respect a farmland, all drive just four elders to the roaring cry that the Du flies disturb, residence together brushed ground to come out respectively, hope to drive into the electric cell car of grounds.


jeremy scott adidas See in the moment so many crystal stones, the gold is small to open the cold sweats of bodies all emitted out, the facial expression became very white.

"I say for old daddy, he is always pretty vexed I learn to spread a dozen and say is that I usually cause trouble all in those early years learned spread dozen ask for.The uncle gives support now, I hereafter do to spread a dozen can also manage to keep spirit to strengthen!"Finally listen to come home an inside someone similar to him to like to spread a dozen, and still can make the old daddy eat shriveled elder, Li Dong Peng of excited that the kind doesn't lift!

The gold is small to open to endure to smile an idea, the 32 times refines three chips again and hands over to them to put on.Butchered big Long San Ren to also all become "native of the place" of ding space in the sky in a moment!

"Mo Mo, the foreign language fastens the first to fasten a flower, cultivation of both the inner and the outer, good both in character and scholarship."

jeremy scott bones After urgently and in a hurry rushing through room once, the jade arrived at bathroom doorway to knock to knock on door a way at the male:"Cocoa, the clothes brought over here, you finished washing to had no."

Chapter 3 sacrificial rites eve(next)

"Roll!I don't dare to go there, you ask stem what!"Wolf


jeremy scott sneakers Once waited a meeting, car Xuan the mood of the station a little bit recover some, this just fly a way to the Du:"Now that you already self-discipline gobble up of Yan, that can formally start cultivating a heart chain Jue.Sit to come over!"

She will act with dignity very much, she will be very proud, she will be very cheerless, she always says in mouth you go away, but the in the mind make you leave.

4 people any further don't reply those ten thousand matters at the beginning all at control of self-confident expression, an is all depressed, among them England and the south section Er body up is also an one blood stains, just they two artificial salvage Nana but is whopatted for a while, almost have never thrown down half life to go and luckily withdraw early and otherwise perhaps also fall among what kind of stroke.

Which have what win or the loser?

cheap jeremy scott adidas Jade at male but don't know that his/her own plan has already all fallen a Qian Xiao Qing's eyes in, Tang can son a come back to once had a meal and then rob to before take a shower at Qian Xiao Qing.

Crystal box inside, put a to slip away ten jade bottles, the Du flies to work properly to know to explore into a to see, immediately stunned speechless.Ten jade bottle in is the Dan medicine that is very round ten, the surface of these Dan medicines is tiny to be suffused with sheen, knows on seeing to isn't any article.However the Du flies isn't this become speechless, but this kind of Dan medicine, seem to be in times before to exterminate high level to fix with the airship in the space true, acquire of Dan medicine in have!

"Bomb!"The seventh thunder robbed directly and wore deeply those sorceries to defendoof to knot boundary and bombarded in the Du to fly a working properly of body form dint protection to cover up.The thunder robs and works properly a dint protection cover to after refusing to budge a short while suddenly disappear at the same time.


ralph lauren polo outlet Chapter 104 interrogative exert a solution

If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. If think of you each time, I will get fresh flowers, so I will wander about unhurriedly in the flower bush forever.

Of another two good sister, that news is more more exciting than her and jade's news in male assurance relations of.

Outside, the sun has already come to very low.Shine in glory in the aureate setting sun under, everythings all seem to be so leisurely and serene.But I the slightest could not feel this kind of quite.I at wait for that mysterious personage of feel very frightened.

ralph lauren outlet coupons The fierce heaven of one side towards money of blush with shame much many cold say:"Idiocy, learns a skill Jing not, diagram from throw a person."Finish saying green non-commissioned officer dragon's soldier whom the small steel needle buttonned up to point a to play a black facing is passing by beside from their body after plays.The circumstance like this makes Li Jun Yi foolish, she didn't thought of this the fierce heaven of cold face cold language always will again make moves to green Long Jun after money much and more accidentally lose.Although fierce heaven usually and money quarrel much and more, but their friendship at 1:00 also the unlike person is little, so he a see money bring shame more nature to want more for him to find back a son.

See although the air that the gold is small to open is apathetic,talk still and calculate compatibly, and there is also no murderous look on body, those seamans are in mind dark to breath a sigh of relief, before and ever and the gold was respectully small to open to once say an an old seaman of words to hang the head down an answer way:"Adult, all of us are native native of the places here.However the environment in the grand canyon is changeable, and the difference monster is numerous, we also just understand the part of surface layer the justest, as for deeper place ……I

That small empty boat only has 45 meters long, have a liking for to is like a shuttle son, estimate to is the rescue boat used to flee for life to use.


ralph lauren outlet Chapter 4 accident(next)

The felling held tight just, the Du flies to repeatedly launch, carry on move in a sudden for many times, after waiting him thoroughly and recording this felling in mind, this just will happy press at the heart of bottom, headed for the assembly place of monk.

* * *

"Of course not ability, that would not° until ask for help of to exclusively bite a treasure, this is to generally gobble up the thing that can refine."

polo ralph lauren outlet The jade knows at the male Tang Hu of this time just on the spirit head, naturally some words doesn't dare to say too directly, have to a little bit more tactfully of say:"I how can didn't give a cocoa social status!I will definitely marry cocoa."

"Falsely win to living to have!Spread ancient lingering charm, for the father is to just just discover, way Ji originally has Wu Xue like this.Don't know whether my son once listens to three big ultimate end strengths, does it say?"More leaves to ask a way.

Chapter 121 sunshine draws back troops


Cheap Pandora Necklaces ", We leave!"Hear the answer that the manager discommodes, six green this just returns to absolute being, the moment resumed woman entrepreneur again of shrewd and capable, ordered to nod to that manager, then pull Du to fly and the Peng was old to leave.

The boy has never experienced feelings, don't know at that time if have already fancied a girl.Also fear to make the girl difficult.Because he knows girl for doing not hurt us 2.Two all give up.So, until Gao Kao's be over, the boys have never sought a girl, is just in the later correspondence.The boy early knew which individual the girl is concrete.

t.(I understood.)72. I can't afford that.(I undertake/buy not to rise.)73. I did it, I'm so happy now.(I attained, I was very satisfied now.)74. I don't care.(The matter that don't close me/I ignore.)75. I don't think so.(I don't think so/I see can't/not go/need not.)76. I guess so.(I think BE.)77. I have no other choice.(I have no choice.)78. I will do my best!(I will make an effort!)79. I mean it.(I am earnest.)80. I's so scared.(I am afraid pole.)81. It's hard to say.(It is difficult to say.)82. It's a long story.(It's a long story to tell/it is a long story.)83. It's a small world.(The world is really small.)84. It's against the law!(That is illegal!)85. It's a good opportunity!(Good opportunity!)86. It's dangerous!(Is dangerous!)86. It's dangerous!(Is dangerous!)87. May I help you?(Can I help?)88. No doubt about it.(It is beyond all doubt.)89. That's bullshit!(Useless talk!)90. Think it over.(It is careful to consider for a while.)91. Time will tell.(Time will prove.)92. What a surprise!(Too amazingly!)93. Whatever you say!(Literally you!)94. You are the boss!(Listen to yours!You said to calculate!)95. You have my word!(I promise!)96. Tough job, tough day,

The plan that this time Du flies' canning say is to appear parts of deviations.Originally his plan was to make use of variation the person impeded fairy city strong to obtain origin gold spirit, then made use of fairy city strong impede variation the person came to escape into cosmos passage to open place.Can the variation person's one party started out secret force at present the A plan to fight a brigade, although let the first purpose that the Du flies can easily carry out, but the second purpose difficulties many, after all is the variation person's core region here, he isn't likely to drive airship to in multiple layers cross, can airship and wave green income concealed bead in, then alone one person walk faster to narrow a target.

Pandora Jewellery Outlets "This?"See the car Xuan of one of a face inquiries station, the Du flies to hurriedly extend absolute being to know scope, but still doesn't discover the shadow of that strange living creature.

The at the red branch Xian Xian since then of autumn

"H'm, I have nothing to say!"Hui heart low eyebrow.The Hui only still thinks entangled.


Chapter 1 world started of greatly rob

"That Du flies elder, do you feel that the experiment physique of four stars large numbers of quantity manufacturings?"Niger duke after finishing listenning to the description that the Du flies contemplated a long time, suddenly the openings asks a way.

That year, she is 16 years old, fancy a boy for the first time.He doesn't calculate very tall, Si cultured text of, but like to kick football very much, have one deep and low good voice of chasing, the result is very good, often is the first of class.Although at that time, early love is no longer what great problem, girl's making track for a boy also be not the news any more, she wasn't also that kind of introverted girl.But she has never wanted and vindicated to him and just feels, can have been so and far and far appreciating him, very good.

"Do not say so, if just answer that the person of question is you, perhaps really needed to beat."

"I feel very good, so can to war alliance of the attack does quickly reaction and early warning."Hear asking of the Ci Bo Fu's president of association words, the Louis Si master agrees with ground to say.

In the very smallest cot there is room enough for a loving pair. Which afraid is a minimum thatched cottage, all have enough space to a rightness of lovers.

If what bearer says is to"plea for interview", that affirmation is that the identity is lower than a bosom bamboo true person, that they immediately after the other party make mistake difficult for a while return nothing important.But bearer says to is "ascending a door to visit" at this time, that means the true person of unlike bosom bamboo of the identity of bearer is low, even still possible Gao Chu is some, they don't dare to make it lively for naturally, hurriedly one person flies Du before facing into hall, but another one person then ran in in quick time back yard to notify.

The gold is small to open a bit surprised, way:"Not is pack at bite treasure space dish in?"

Originally the tooth Liao took his clansmen after escaping that emptied boat and then sneaked in evening grand canyon on that day, although the crisis in the canyon is layer after layer, but tooth Liao with lend him that over the person of on the alert, one by one dissolve, finally and finally led clansmen to once wear the space passage in the evening grand canyon, returned to monster boundary!

Qian Xiao Qing stares at Tang can the look in the eyes of son, want to get accurate answer there from she, Qian Xiao Qing doesn't know oneself as well what in the mind expectation is which result.

Didn't see you for a long time for a long time, though the house lives so near, though I am intentionally more than once from your family before pass by, still don't see you.Destine you I am no chance, destining you is my unreachable dream.There is in fact no another intention, wants to know, you now how, you live not very goodly.Thus, just.


While taking a stroll down the street 2 people's combining is much more than a chitchat and conveniently also found out some kind of recent take place of important event.When hear the offensive coming in blustering and menacing manner big summer clansmen behind, Yao area the eyebrows is big wrinkly, air Yu Yu.

Discover the variation person's fleet in times before transfer again and again after, the Du flies and then knows to drive airship to rush through into variation person star in the capital city

"I really can'the t give you anything... The only thing left is my dying roots, " the tree said with tears.

"Evil palace palace lord?Do you still really prepare to cooperate with evil palace?"Hear Du fly to say that person to is an evil palace palace a lord, six green immediately think of she before say of the circumstances, not from hasty way.

Flew a many hours again, seeing the big brigade encampment had already got into absolute being to know of fish for scope, the Du flies not from loosen tone.At the moment inside his body of work properly dint already remain not much, if really with toad always next go, the end affirms body Yun.

Hear a great white crane sighing of true person, six green at this time have no again angry, but a calm appearance says:"I admit I just in treating the attitude that the Du flies some mistakes, also thank your to remind.While flying to know in those early years with Du, all of me are the common run of people, so we got along with of the mode remain the common run of people that set of, didn't convert fixed a way within true boundary Lyu relation, hear now your remind, I hereafter will slowly change our to get along with mode, until become him formal way Lyu!"

Sea the Si satisfiedly smiled to smile, hello way:"Everyone comes in to say again, this outside of how to really don't like environment."Do not know that he actually operated as well what, that wreath form mountain a gate of stone wall silently has no an interest ground slippery open, inside deeply a Meng Meng of white light.


If rat after just escaping the view that the Du flies outside in the heart inwardly excited, is a that it does of"astute

The blood sword bombs medium green Long Yin, a burst of world flutters of felling at the long creation for livinging a palace, far in the part of seal Ling to also feel this kind of pressure, unexpectatively and there fight, is an unexpectedly such vehemence.

"Is so?"Hear making collective report of Tang Huang, the rice space council chairperson's facial expression has no the slightest a changes, imitate a Buddha, this matter basically insignificant general, " since it is so, that you come back."Say

The gold is small to open to don't quit to relate to the gold own right eye circumstance a time of, the gold doesn't quit to be deep in thought a bitterness to think is also don't get its solution, shake head a way:"Is not understand, the status on your body is a lot of to all and generally gobble up not same, I also not understand this actually is why.Is this it the integrity that don't gobble up the relation of pit?"

"This image comes to place you need not interfere with, " hears the inquiry of beautiful surprised Hong, gentleman's seeing to leave don't answer, but turn but consolation way, "this matter I have already had got the main lines, you and leave first, calm down to treat several in the days to come nature will clear up."

"Not just you are that small disciple ……" immediately after the wood old man fly Du the affair climbed mountain to peep because of curious speak 1 time, this just let car Xuan the station is suddenly realize.

"Is you, return can is me?"The gold is small to open to have Shi without perhaps say with smile:"If you insist this kind of parlance, we might as well seek others to ask to see and make clear this is actually the order of thunder emperor adult, be still you by yourselves privately of decision."Finish saying and then gesticulate desire to walk.

No matter when it is say "sorry", please eyes of lookinging at the other party.

"So, I think, you can give me an explanation!"Seal a Ling to stare at a heresy dollar, sink a track.

The card pulls the way of walking on air:"Do not see my old man's house as well actually is who?Hum, didn't°yet my old man's house not know of thing."

5, fishing pole


"Sign line?Oneself thinks a way research, I ain't likely to tell yours."The card pulled to break the rice Mr. Zhu's plan very determinedly.

Early in the morning on the second day, the Du flies to drive to arrive at Heng to fly Anne to protect company, see strong wait four personal stations at the door.There is no useless talk, the Du flies to directly open a car door to make them come up and then drove onto bank.

The soul cannot live without love. The soul can not don't love but exist.

"The master elder brother doesn't laugh at me, I don't believe you not to know to was again in Dutch right away the matter is waiting me, makes not sink into a certain scheme again!"

Because the pressure lived, the Du flies since the childhood and then has never kept an animal and see car Xuan now the station put to keep so a head of huge"blue whale", heart bottom not from have some to envy, however surface he still keeps staying calm and collecteding and keeps on landing according to speech.

The spirits of five origins all have an attraction, this is the conclusion that the Du knew while flying in last time to observe a lighting in the concealed bead space, the spirit of this time his close quarter bright concealed bead and four origins, being a wager these will bring about great attraction on bright aureate gold spirit origin and see now, he was solemnly successful!

Knowing that woman can see him, so the Du flies of the facial expression Be very thin to settle, look to seem to be not is at tell a lie.

The gold is tightly small to open after feeling that space starting to be broken up, immediately and then recall a purple golden light dragon, will all forbid the strength of machine to coagulate body surface, wrap up oneself!

The warrior of sunshine country is being very quick and then hurtled into seven to kill, but the attack in their imagination didn't meet and sang at the leaf the conductor of breeze and Li Jun under seven kill the soldier in to only carry on defense, and continuously of countermarch.At seven kill to stay back at the same time, rest eights are forward then rapid will seven kill to round at exact center, eight occupy eight directionses respectively, the eight diagrams that didn't living a door at this times are regarded as to thoroughly model.Because eight diagrams model, those along with seven kill a sunshine for getting into the country's warrior finally tastes this of power.

The little monkey sees him say like this and then also no longer insist.

Of time, Du's flying has already disappeared to be missing.


Find out to more than ten pieces again original stone, make owner Wu get 78 pieces of bigs after cutting open best jadeite, immediately let owner Wu this timely sell cost decrease 30% many, compare usually of master and the rise 10% is or so.

"Good!"See Du's flying is really to arrive extreme limit, pure unique way person then the one mouthful promised down.If really make elder in territory to go there, Du's flying surely will be punished, but he also cans not gets any advantage.The affair of injure people without benefit to oneself, he can't do!

Chapter 2 gold color card pulls(up)

Leave when 2 people say here they not the sea water of distance suddenly separate to the both sides, the energy wave of the together dark blue facing 2 people inherit, it are shocked abnormalities to face a so short and so and abrupt attack leaf of distance to sing breeze and all of Li Jun Liang people, 2 people who don't also thought of that that evil Sha king will be so deceitful and unexpectedly use the means of sneak attack.

The dream of a per spread for life to carve a multicolored rich in hues journey.Elegant dream, warmth wears Cang cool life.Interpretting dream is the tallest end of life, also a vital true meaning.But at present, we can hide dream in mind.I think that this is just temporary of, because any success all wants to pay a price of different degree, otherwise, what color does the life still have?

The rock in the thunder hat in front magma pond

"Feed, is this exactly what is the row?"The gold is small to open a clench the collar of dress of boon space, pull over to ask a way.

The light beam is almost one Shan to namely die, moment submerged the foot of those clerk of the workses.

"Boon should be so."For the teacher's guess, the Du flies to nod to express consent.

Had this to assault, Li Su Mao could not also keep out of it again and waited until an evening, be acquired the polices who provides the phrases to take.A day inside, the first Hong Kong Li Jia ever, unexpectedly was taken eldest son and Di by the police station at the same time!Probably this also means Li Jia of will soon decline!

"What things?"Smell the speech Du fly heart in on tightly asking a way, however car wood 2 people shook to shake head, they don't know as well the future is what things, the absolute being knew to explore a vehemence Lin however of the redest lighting.


Favour explanation way, "those detectives hear from grandpa Ma in a small village of south, grandpa Ma has already left more than a months at that time."Make reference to my small joy not to dare to grind to a stop, continue explanation way, " however, as those villagers says, grandpa Ma once says, also go that village again after a for a year, now as long as we send the person halt to stay in that village, can definitely see grandpa Ma!"

Lay up to spread achievement jade Chien, the Du flew to sink into to contemplate.Think the self-discipline 《work properly burning chain Jue 》 , have to have wood water fire three fasten of work properly dint, wood water two fasten to say so much, the vapor trail Jue in his body really annoys and then belongs to wood water two fasten, but the fire fastens difficult to do, and had no fire to fasten, work properly burning can not also fix, this lets the Du fly and sinks into distress medium.

Leaf cloud Qian Zhang Zhu's mouth sees toward Tang can son, she how also surprisingly she trust most of good friend unexpectedly so give°ed she to abandon, cast away oneself wolf nest to prepare what he or she escape.

"Okay."Now the wave is green to is a prisoner, aware of self her identity very much, once connected medium article after working properly the stone immediately go the power stove of the airship there will work properly a stone to put well, this just flew to return to bridge house together with Du.

After hearing the words of beginning, the jade thoughts of that beginning and Zhao Ning Ying all get along with at the male very quite good of, if can pull Sun Meng last, perhaps can also have some surprised advantages.

Result very obvious, although Ma Lyu Dan's physique is strong and healthy, double boxing difficult enemy's four hands, he does after turning over 56 people, also drive dry turn over.Ma Lyu Dan still thought at that time that he would be beaten into physically disabled, who thoughted of that eldest brother in the person that hasing a liking for his young tiger is fierce, not only didn't make it lively for him, on the contrary took him to go to a beautiful big house.

"Calculated, should make it already to do.Way can not be!The way can not disobey!"

"My parents?"Smell the speech Du fly to chuckle a , " I am an orphan!"

Haven't waited to expect Luo Er to talk, the sudden "bomb"s ground one Be huge to ring, a huge monster is from the sky but decline, is falling light in yellow cover outside.Until at the moment, the gold is small to open just finally see clear looks of that thing, only, how does he also can not tell this kind of thing to investigate

Is public to feel the vehemence that the leaf sings breeze, this arrogant Ling Ren, shocked remaining was also subjected to encouragement and let out the vehemence of oneself in succession.On this sea beach highland immediately the vehemence is astonishing, make people don't dare to force to see.1,000,000 people give a long whistle, numerous strong Ling Ren's vehemence makes four country allied troops this place the vehemence greatly increase, the naval battle and river before seeming door Yi Chuan sneak attack of the shadows all disappear from their hearts, their confidence soars at this time, which afraid face again strong opponent they also have the confidence to necessarily win.

"That person is still useful, can not make you kill!"See Chen Jing's some insatiably greedies, the Du flew to sink an explanation a , then no longer say more, and Chen Jing smell speech Shu however a surprised, don't dare to do to lead long to pull more again as well, can can be flown by Du to do obeisance solid Lun to save to cure to come over.


Fingerling and distance snow that 100 gold in the favour were small to open to turn head to see for a while, but discover Wei 2 people have already slowly sat to in the ground, a drowsy appearance.The gold is small to open to get a fright, knew that they have already canned not bear this chill that contains deadly poison, if doing not hold firmly again is horary, perhaps they are very quick and then will be frozen to die!

The gold was small to open and cautiously inquire some kind of, finally can make sure, should can't have in this temple of the gods what dangerous, and in also have no host to exist, this made the gold small to draw to engrave to produced into to investigate some kind of minds.In his eyes, this temple of the gods absolutely from foreign science and technology create of outcome, the native of the place wants to build one this kind of can suspend of the thing come absolutely difficult compare to ascend heaven.

"If isn't searched for, daring to make us enter a valley a by expensive valley?"See Ma Dao blare to still keep refusing to deny, drive beautiful fix if the beautiful surprised Hong that presses a fury suddenly and coldly puts a speech way.

Wait Du to fly a full face taking of happy expression when the pure Huang return to rather Peng to wait a person the ground of place see them a Chang in succession however, all obviously have already had found.

The affair since has already settled down, Li Yan greatly puts the representative of banquet hospitality rest Three Kingdoms and life person to lift a great deal of dishes to go with wine into the army camp of city outside Three Kingdoms.

"Close training?Promote real strenght?The Du flies elder, do you see?"Hear Ai Luo so on saying, Niger duke is immediately nervous, obviously fight an alliance have already started making a warrior.

"What way?Said to see, don't smile so to frighten a person."The gold is small to open to feel the in the mind is drizzle, have a kind of bad omen of prepare feeling.

One that the gold is small to open to run with distance snow again is apart from, this just slowly stops bottom.Suddenly hear be rounded of those three monster person bellowed a half voice and then had no voice interest, obviously already drive wretched cut to kill, even connect to all have no from time exploding.

"Follow me to walk!"The light tone flew an ear to descend to orderany in the Du, then that stewardess the Ge that the Du fly

"To, add proud undercurrent."The captain noodles has color, way:"If say where can tidy up those privateer brigades, is absolutely that one is quite the cheese here however of place!"

Go to the affair gold that the noodles sees a thunder emperor small opened to all hand over to sea the Si do, while he then stays by himself at in this canyon, prepare to hold firmly the self-discipline in time for a while, since want to resume the dollar that exhausts all of a sudden dint, at the same time also want to think a way to promote real strenght, otherwise of the words appear again what strong enemy, perhaps have no so good life to succeed in escaping.


The gold is small to open one Leng:"Really?Can't, I am so quick, she how may make track for up."

Three invite me to have a meal at his house, two classmates of "king" and childhood years together go, I feel very happy.I know that this is the wish of "king" in Sha-ho.Thank the friends of my childhood as my arrangement very much so fine rites.Our these people, the opportunity meeting in the whole life is too little, this party will become the most beautiful well recall~to the mind to read.

"This is what?"The gold is small to open to fondle wall, feels puzzling-in the ocean of mentally dense, how can have this kind of thing?Have here what living creature will build a wall?Don't be kidding!

Week all of parents of small United States are orphans, the mother was one to keep the wager girl company while being young, while her father is a small Si of casino, all of them are the persons of social first floor, so 2 people early and early knew.

Hear at the moment the Du fly a moderate speech, in the man scholar heart of restrain not from little some, come forward a way:"Believe in a lord, move into the affair of New Continent on ordinary mortal of new moon mainland, we had better do a little bit hiddenly, even if the monk on the new moon mainland doesn't really think greatly of to the ordinary mortal, but the ordinary mortal is after all the groundwork of monk, if we unavoidably arouse Mo Chou Gu on a large scale those suspecting of groups in the group alliance is even."

"See, I canned more stay for a while."The Hui far Song shrugs shoulders and peeped out a smile.

"So."The gold is small to open a point to nod, say with smile:"That like this like, I believe in the name of Zhang door by pole ice and accept you to be a younger brother

"The old elder brother says like this can not to!"Hear making fun of Dan dust son, the Du flew to laugh merrily one to sit down way, " the old elder brother Be leisurely and carefree to live, comfortable and happy fairy.Can younger brother I will go vulgar life time experience and training right away and regain a hole mansion to tidy up thing now, there is no old elder brother leisure like this!"

Spirit, hurriedly receive seal a Ling .

Is very quick, arouse the thing of space motion and then appear small open in the gold view in-that is unexpectedly huge black time immemorial to fight fortress!And make the gold small more to open shocked BE, fight fortress in that time immemorial the top still climb to adhere to a matchless huge Human body snake tail fierce monster!That fierce monster top half behavior form livings six arms, on the arm and the back extend a bone with huge root sting, numerous electricity long grasses stab boudoir to move flicker in the bone, the ray of light is dazzling.

"If you want Z country, can with Li Guang together and at the right moment they also want to return to.But I return to country and handle some matters and take you inconvenient."The Du flies a direct brush-off way.

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