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polo ralph lauren outlet The moment, India youth clapped my shoulder and said:

"Medium article perfect energy crystal stone!"See the medium article that the Du fly to pass her in front work properly a stone, the wave was green unbearable surprised to shout a , surprisingly this perfect evolution body unexpectedly has this kind of baby, that mean airship and can launch!

"The Du way friend trusts, as long as having result, absolutely not short the the of Du way friend!"After letting go of heart, Peng cloud just then and thou dint speech it dig assurance way, the tone is extremely sincere.

"Is concrete where?"Listen to one green so on saying, the Du flies heart in not from living one silk pleased idea, according to his plan, the location is more difficult to do more good!

ralph lauren outlet store "Is you!"At this time, the second woman who appear also saw the Du fly and in astonishment shouted an after, similarly the self-ridicule gets up.

The rules " pupil rules" looks like common have no strange, but, if we hard go actually

The chapter 9 empire kings are all(next)


polo ralph lauren outlet store "Should right."The gold is small to open point to nod, in the voice also take last one silk joy.

Small snail:But earthworm the younger brother also have no bone to climb not and quickly and can't become a butterfly, either he what don't carry on the back this hard and heavy hull?

"BE."Du's flying don't deny.

"Celestial spirits?If the E …… " gold is small to open a bit hesitant, don't know the name that makes use of celestial spirits, will can't have what not good result.

polo ralph lauren outlet store "Is such ……" sees the Du fly very generous, Kui especially dark pleased oneself touched a rightness way of approach, immediately will and the gratitude and grudge and behind of salad financial group of said 1 time to the wager.

When I arrive summit of hill, the sun has already been about to fall mountain.I can't see that little boy and also have no side person in this desolate place.Another side in the hillside of my underneath has some round into a turn of ancient stone house.In the center there is a roof than otherly be good friends with some stone houses, therefore it can block breeze to seek shelter from rain.This was that mysterious personage to hide the place of body.I soon can understand his secret.

Everything's going on well but difficulties of develop forward, have never thought lately an of freshman's recruiting to come in will broke off original equanimity.A day, while walking on the drill ground, the girl is suddenly shot by the thunder and lightning, the liver and gall accompanies ground.She heard a native accent for acquainting with, the small town that lived at first from she, come to a freshman.No matter she packs how of forgetful


polo ralph lauren factory store New wine in old bottles.Old bottled fresh wine.

"Black dress person?"Water is thousand

You how will hold, write, deduce the play of own life?

The gold is small to open to have never thought the runt in the hand will have so big effect, in the heart not from of inwardly rejoice, luckily at the beginning didn't throw away this crystal tooth.

polo ralph lauren coupons !He should not is cheat ours?"The gold is small happy medium also some Tan Tes.

Ill try to smooth things over. I will carefully handle;Still water runs the deep is the wisest man often seems stupid

"Who are you exactly?"Everything that looking at this not and usually resists to accept to rise and fall in the Xian heart and finally had a far from good felling.


jeremy scott shop "When be to be!"At this time, the company registers the doorway of place to suddenly spread 3 to knock on door a voice, then not the person in etc. respond, the bearer has already walked to come in.

Chapter 10 ancient historic relic(next)

"Bomb Long!"Light of fire Teng book, the heat wave wreaks havoc, originally still dominant and matchless fire snake, by now deep-fried became numerous fragments, the strength of the explosion at originally fire snake existence of the position coagulate a huge light ball, seismic wave proliferation opens to, surroundings of everythings be all blown to fly to half empty, previous that wildfire ball under of the magma pond be also blasted open, the magma splashing's imitating a Buddha is a red rain-storm that in out of the sky and suddenly declines.

That is exactly the fire tooth!

jeremy scott adidas 2013 The gold is small to open to have no language, dark way in heart:"I this not just for the sake of you good?However the words say back again, if exchange a position, the words is asked me by you, perhaps I can't easily give up, either."Thought of here, then also no longer useless talk, order, in front facing that Gao Ta Zou.

Suddenly whole space tremor gets up, a burst of the voice that bomb Long Long rings to spread from the external world and seemed to be in the outside to take place violent combat.The gold is small to open don't know that summer the clansmen actually can also support how long, is more anxious in the heart.

Word, voice already soon small to can't hear, seem to very be afraid of to this phrase.


adidas by jeremy scott In a short while effort along with Tang can son whole body of stiff for a while, then a bit in low spirits tottering, seeing to her has already made an effort.

Is different from the other store, the Du flies to across into the moment of treasure Dan Ge, feel to imitate a Buddha to once wear 1 F space, immediately looking at the first floor of area amplitude hall, immediately clear in the heart, estimate this treasure Dan the Ge used what space way method.

"Run what?Where do we run to?"The words that hear Lin Wan Er, nose green face swollen Lin Ba Zi not from one Leng, immediately and absurdly say.

The gold is small to open to wear a line with distance snow gingerly among this ruins, also is all body to have great power at them so much, to this small difficulty pour also not feel have much troublesome.

adidas shoes with wings Seal to traverse cold hum a , but don't talk.

"Originally teacher the shape that still has this old urchin."The Du of one side flies to go Ma Jun and the dialogue of of Lin Jun's joy to listen to clearly, not from in mind and speechless say with smile.

Various Ge Rui and the fire of thunder Man fastenned sorcery to just dye red horizon two blizzards that took cold algidity of Sen faced to come up, water fire originally mutually the gram is the mutation sorcery that water fastenned sorcery nature and fire's fastenning sorcery is mutually also the relation of gram, saw blizzard a got into god of fire of wing and Phoenix Nie 槃 of attack scope


polo ralph lauren outlet store The Du flew on that night club part-time job in those early years of

Time penny a ground passed by, the Du flew to lie prone like the similar rock at front of mound up, plus a grass cluster the ground cover up, don't walk up to see, basically detection not.

"?"Finished China Luo to suspiciously see a jealous burning, ask a way:"You are that three ranks Be evil to bite, general of with the rank practice moral teachings basically is not likely to be your opponent.Is that woman how old?Is the super superior of four ranks?"

"……Is really fantastic!"The gold is small happy medium exclamation, "science and technology" of the unexpectatively big summer clansmen unexpectedly has already arrived Gao this degree and really make people shocked not small.

cheap polo ralph lauren "King" in Sha-ho, also had the good friends of childhood all Gao Gao to raise wine cup.

"Bomb!"Person on the hush under the crary attack, the next strategies that Chen Shi Bin establishes have no to prop up much for a long time and finally bombed to fall.However this time pour is to let the Du fly to resumed to come over thoroughly, can prop up for a while again under the person's crary attack of hush.

The sky endures and call again the ninja of sky, work properly dint liquefaction all over, ignore attack still defense all far and far outrun to endure several especially.


cheap ncaa jerseys Certainly, this kind of gobbles up the special place that the pit also has it:Generally speaking, this type of gobble up to check inside contain of the dollar dint want to be far super together gobbling up of rank pit, even outrun all of several times is very likely;This kind of gobbles up a pit to still have a characteristics, that is to release a deadly poison!The toxicity of noodles is the strongest there, and usually still take have various bad attributes of additional effect, absolutely is back Yin the person's essential"good medicine"!

"Bomb Long!"A huge explosion bellowed to pull the spirit that the gold is small to open back.When the gold is small to open to see ground a fire monster the big stone bombarded by Jing, the whole individual is all silly:Not only the whole piece of big stone was completely ground to become powder of scraps, even the grounds are all bombed one is 1 meter wide, about 100 meters grow of cave slot, the straight extension is to the afar!

"I don't h

"Say also to, is a dreamland space here, appear what all not strange, ha ha, not strange."

cheap nhl jerseys "Still don't walk!"Six small Yues irasciblely shout loudly and by leap and bound put on a face again, she doesn't wish he see his own tears.

Decree by destiny

(Two)how identify a good person.The persons would like to work well a person, would not like to be a bad person and how identify a good person?The first, I think that the most important and best method is a contrast and check against.I once wrote "examination the person's ten standards", be examines with a way for checking against.For example say to see whether his fortunate circumstances is proud, whether adverse circumstances loses power, this is 1 to check against.Some person's fortunate circumstanceses go, the adverse circumstances doesn't go.A person the time in fortunate circumstances how, adverse circumstances of time how, to whether strong accepts defeat, to whether weak bullies, this is a person's personal character.See stronger than oneself


Don't let a little dispute break up a great friendship;Don't let the very small point of dispute damage a comity of greatness;

The gold is small to open shocked very in a short while, this just returns to absolute being."Surprisingly this world in unexpectedly still have this kind of building ……be really greatly frighten a person, remember in the realistic world and seem to be never to lead this kind of huge building?"

Concerning youth

Time can dilute everything, Han Qiu Ya waited for the persistence that the Du flies in those early years, already at horary of flush under lose trace.Luckily six green oneselfs became monk, can take no cognizance worldly pressure, otherwise can insist waiting until Du to fly back, she examines one's conscience, but cans not gets answer.

No one is worth your sheding tears, worth let you are so of the person is not

Jade at male the words just finished saying Zhao Ning Ying opened a door come in, after waiteding she to sit down to just discovered that everyone looking at her, it made her some uneasiness, hence asked a way:"All looking at me to do what?Are my clothes soiled?"

Not the generous felling of , imitate a Buddha to contain endless strength.

"I will point out your one more tomorrow evening and do obeisance the words of teacher hereafter not be lifting again!"Listen to Li Dong Peng make track for to come over, the Du flies back overdo lightly said a , then walk to return to den.

"What?Your meaning was only a Rao you, let you do what all can?"The gold is small to open this to produce interest in the point, wanted to think, then oneself is looking for of big summer's information of the clansmen origin was read to send with the absolute being past.The very quick eyes strange feedback comes back:It knows the gold is small to open seek of thing!

The gold is small to open one Leng, say with smile:"The thing sent out, which have the truth to take back, stop worrying, this doesn't calculate to me what, you have peace of mind to receive.H'm, I say them how suddenly want to invite me to have a meal, is so."The gold is small to open to have never thought oneself from bring on the earth of common gobble up a pit, unexpectedly became "is perfect crystal to check" here, affair development of still is really peculiar.

The Du flew to once see on the historical records as well, ancient times at fight disorderly year of, many troops all had the custom to keep "vegetables person", be caught ordinary people to keep in the troops, waited until food grass not enough, slaughter they, so these"vegetables person" still had the form of address of one"two feet sheep"s.Hereafter he if keep the sea person's turn, perhaps and those troops' nothing importants that keep "vegetables person" distinct.


Jade at the male how careful person, this time front he just decides the wager is a , this behind how may make mistake, this words are also what jades intentionally say at the male, be want to sound out lovely reaction of jade, the jade is lovely don't not smooth and directly refuse, so meaning still not obvious, probably she by herself can't discover, but the jade is to see out at the male, the hesitation in this time can don't only can not distinguish Chu intention by himself of reason, see arrive just the jade is lovely that some hesitate and struggle of facial expression one Shan but lead, jade at male know jade is lovely indeed as expected is really interesting to 2 B, and is under the circumstance that she doesn't know.

"Come."Li Dan Shu still prepares to say what, the Du flies but suddenly light way 1, wait Li Dan Shu to return overdo, but discover that the Du flies not to know when have already stood, and walk to hatch.

That's the promise I can give to you this is the commitment that I can give you

Although hear a gold small to open to speak these words, the fire tooth still and angrily keeps whispering over there, the speech changes the pattern ground curse and scold a gold small open.The gold is small to open thick-skinned, pretend what didn't hear, the title towardsed that several still jittery hope own youth's way:"Now that you want so to follow me, that follows."

However the variety of flame obviously has no of the offensiveness , after jumping about two times, unexpectedly start presenting in the flame of high Chi one act act appearance!

The leaf sings the true current of air that the breeze gradually feels inside the body after splitting one several ten Zhangs to turn the felling that started appearing some arrearages, and the Zhang dint that splits is far far have no just beginning the male Hun like that was deep.Appear a circumstance like this not that the leaf sing the real strenght of breeze not benefit, only because some special circumstances would appear of, first, is leaf to sing breeze not to acquaint with naval battle, in addition to attack outside he still needs to leave one dint inside the part to keep the aquatic balance is at the sea, second, these of him and Li Jun in time completely be depend living to eat sea in of visit fish to fill stomach, although it is said be unlikely to starve but also however is the depletion of basic maintenance oneself just, third, is the amount of evil Sha Be getting tooer many.The leaf sings breeze to give up true spirit to outside put under these conditional check and supervisions of combat method but is change near body physical fight.

"Care so me, is ……because of the crystal stone in the my hand?!"The gold is small to open slightly on wondering, ambiguously some understand come over.Oneself after taking out that crystal stone to look into in a short while, have eccentric to seek to come, obviously is someone to stare at last that crystal stone, or was the energy of that crystal stone sends forth to disturb someone.

"Great white crane elder sister Shi!"One calls suddenly at this time white dress the woman wake up with a start from contemplate.Tiny flash across in eye one silk angered color, the white dress woman toward making track for of man cheerless way, "brocade spot younger brother Shi, I think alone foolish short while, you were it not for matter, please temporarily don't come to bother me!"Say that finishing is then cold the face headed for a part and left a true person of brocade spot stare tongue-tied, don't know what he just did amiss.

"BE exactly, do 敻 6 mushrooms of λ refute Kui?

"Yi?What is that ?"The Wei fingerling suddenly sees appear in the sky a white of simply ordering not from get surprise of called to come out.

Five other squads are long just in mind surmise Du to fly a to take a post at the moment will next reach what order, hear his this time speak, a Leng after face top not from all piled up smiling face, fly dozen to have toward the Du ha ha.


"Return ……also more severe?"

Leaf cloud Qian indeed as expected not the Kui is a jade at male several females once got in touch with in the most interesting, Tang can son and Qian Xiao Qing again not help also ability end and the jade come to perish together at the male, although jade at male soon heavy flap banners and drums can threaten them, the leaf cloud Qian seems to don't go, connect perish together at the male with jade of skill all have no, just in a short while time suffer a crushing defeat don't say, is still that the in a short time Dou is not likely to invigorate of, because this of stimulate and all different before, too vehemence, let leaf cloud Qian at present connect embrace jade at male the energies of the neck all have no, the hands more and early slipped both sides.

The gold is small to open now is have already risen to third rank awakening of degree, the dollar in the body dint then increases all of a sudden a , and also finally come to a the degree that can refine to bite Tui A!A that is at the thought of to bite Tui that kind of arrogant power, the gold is small to open and then have already grown a hilarious felling, however is regrettable very, he contacted the fire tooth in the not last body again, but refined now

When his hand and wine cup contact of he immediately feels for an instant the body is best encounter a thunder general, start from the right hand palm until the bone of right shoulder sends out a chain of broken up voices.Li Yan unexpectedly with lend a wine cup to break~into pieces one of his better arm.Li Yan looking at noodles to permit to distort a green farmland with cold sweats all over the face one mans to say chillily:"Although I can not kill you,discard your arm still can of.You roll to me once a sunshine country right away now."Although green farmland one man wants to speak a few lines the words of hard spirit,the better arm spreads of the painful awl heart make he basically the interest don't rise the mind of resisting Li Yan and have to use the better arm that the left hand presses down ground crack flurried leave.

"That is your own affair."The Du flew to sink a voice to answer a sentence, then continued stuffy head boating.

However, let the solid Lun do obeisance leader of alliance surprise of still in the behind.After that huge eagle falls to the ground, a youth agilely jumped down from the eagle back, then on waving hand, the huge eagle disappears to be missing.

And Zhao Xu same target of water fasten sorcery teacher Ao virtuous Lun when Zhao Xu's ground crack Shu carries on an attack, in the his hand that the sorcery Zhang of the aquamarine blue color also immediately break out one regiment aquamarine blue the light of the color is dizzy, spray along with the dizzy light thin but of is a rising water chemical element, sees those water chemical element perfectly straights of make track for toward whirling 7 people, along with water chemical element of push forward, in the air water chemical element well be subjected to what invoke and generally and continuously strengthen that the light of the aquamarine blue color dizzy, along with more and more water chemical elements of join, the light is dizzy to is on the contrary gradually thin to become real water current, lined up the mountain pours a sea sort of facing 7 people approach, that violent threatening force almost on all voices of match field cover up generally, is exactly water and fastens the cluster in the sorcery and offends sorcery surge Tao sand, but this great waves Tao of isn't a sand Shuo but is a life.Along with that great waves of close by, whirling 7 people even all feel a light water vapor, the together aureate glory appears on the only route of great waves at this time and continuously gleam a height along with the golden light one Zhang of enough to spare of six wing the angel block at the great waves is right ahead, see those six wing angel's hands hold eight Chinese feet only the sword facing dashes about since then of once the great waves flick, together with only the sword wait long gold color glory to take a daintiness of the curve headed for blue big waves, impressively is bright to fasten angel's advent in the sorcery.When big waves and aureate glory of the blue collision together of the vibration produced even if is sit on the distance view to fight

", Does the identity card still have this function?"Hear after the explication that leads the way emissary, the Du flies just and has some suddenly tunnel, no wonder that and just when this leads the way emissary to come out looking at his look in the eyes to have a little oddness.

"The moxa rice hides breathing and maintains airship's lowest movable status."Freely ordering toward the moxa rice is a , the Du flies and then receives rather Peng to etc. person to arrive at a driver

"Later if you come, you directly come in, need not let those served a pupil to spread."Wait Du to fly to walk into an empress the hall, sit on the bosom bamboo on the bench a true person and then slowly and longly say, make him at full cock salute speak card at throat in.

Jade Jian Li the thing of Luo's row, the Du flies none of big parts to know, so he finish seeing behind also nothing important felling.But after taking back to work properly to know, the Du flies and then noticed six lines of in the face of difficult see of color, know in the heart that he understood and then and intentionally said:"6 line, just you say that you slightly have a thin property, doing not know can exchange that heart chain Jue for me cripple article?"


The leaf sings person's nature out of the circumstance in the breeze body to know, but those are five falsely copy of cross swords but is true display in the public eye.Seeing the real strenght should be start appearing most of that falsely copies to occupy breeze, but the behind appears of four falsely shadow but is that guard not to offend, by so doing and and together and falsely copy even if is the ability being all-powerful thoroughly is also helpless.

Suddenly a big fellow walked out behind from those Human bodies, small open in front sneer in the gold of way:"Bond maid, unexpectatively we unexpectedly decreed by destiny so, and then met!"

"Was regarded as to come out on the whole, however this location and time a bit difficult do!"Hear the inquiry that the Du flies, wave green face ascend tiny replied one silk blood-red color, turn a full face of head worry ground to say.

"Ze!Literally you!However hope that you notice, once this pair of yours body faces any fatal danger, I will strong line of consciousness that controls you, connect Zhang to body of right of control!My affirmation will greatly open rule against killing and hope that you can have mental preparation when the time comes!"The fire tooth speaks the time of this sentence and takes dark murderous look in the tone.

"Elder brother Du, is your meaning to prepare to teach us the effort?"Peacetime more cool-headed Lee widely also concussion get up, this will talk voices to all a little bit shiver.

After wearing a few slices multicolored rich in hues gorgeous nebula, the empty boat stopped to lean on in a piece of small scaled star sky mainland.This star sky mainland conceals in numerous nebulas, if isn't an empty boat to directly land to this mainland on, perhaps allow who can not also find out.The whole piece of mainland about only has ten several inside breadth, the top didn't anily move a plant, only a few towering mountain peaks.Those mountain peak also and the nebula of outside Be similar to present the multicolored color of a rainbow sort, extremely gorgeous, only look to make people feeling very and weird.

"Meet Chu's younger sister Shi, will have an affair like this, since I temporarily have no what is up, investigate this affair for you, after all, you also seldom come out a , and then meet an affair like this, you teacher there also not hand over bad, this affair, hand over to me."Resist for a sky, the Chen claps a breast way.

The order heard have no falsely, the owner of 135 squads, include have the beard Ti for relying on the son at inside, all loosenned tone at the same time, turned round to by leap and bound send back behind of vacant land.But the member of team of 138 squads, then hope Du to fly with interrogative look, don't know why he wants to volunteer ground to left for to clean up dirty mire.

Although there are a lot of mistakes on the skill, and carve not very fine, don't know how of, always feel that it seems a true horse when Wu Tian looking at the stone horse in the hand, imitating the Buddha has to jilt to open four hoofs and run from oneself.

30 after, have already become negative heavy a head of ox, , in the evening, send out a burst of exhausted moan, but don't know in the morning where rest.



"Ha ha!"Listen to the process that Li Heng Yang finish speaking just an affair, the Gou soldier cannot help but smiling, however see after Li Heng Yang's facial expression become very difficult to see, he immediately lived smiling face, soft-voiced way, " this

"Is very good!Gobble up a pit so this time, should to throw in of time?"

The gold is small to open to shake, way:"I ain't clear either, however see the appearance seem to be a what historic relic, these huge absolute being soldiers should be the thing that time immemorial looses to stay."

You know I've the made up my mind to make it work this time tell whether I have a kind of method, can make you return to me

Is rare to pull and husband Tom is the model husband and wife in the community, the neighbors have never once listenned to them to once quarrel.They always hand in hand take a walk in the setting sun in everyone's impression.At the celebration evening party that they get married 30 anniversary days, someone asks rare pull, they many secret with always mutually respectful and attentive in the last yearses are what.

"Treasure Dan Ge?"Hear car Xuan the station bring up this name, the Du flew to immediately think of that Feng petite elder sister, although this woman express a bit coquettish, the Du flies feels she Be some to see not and deeply, so don't wish to have contacts with her mostly.However since want to beg to living muscle Dan for the car Xuan station now, that he has to endure heart in of don't wish, "the elder generation trust, boy this go to treasure Dan the Ge beg a medicine."

"Evil lord, we came!" When 3 people discuss an affair, the Du flies suddenly heart in on moving, hear a door outside ring out a voice with bright Hong later on, immediately after three big fellows of looks oddities greatly trod to walk into an empress the hall.

This fierce the monster also living to begin arm, only more more than general mankind, each or so three, there are total of six arms, overaly pitch dark translucent armor of 1 F on each arm, the bitter end extends a bone sting with huge root!

"Let her come in!"Smell speech six green then made change a smiling face BE.After became a feeling religion at the spokesperson of customs field, six green have already made use of the resources in the hand to start investigating the movements that the Du flies, at last and finally find out him to seem and there is some creeping vines in the whole world group of Hong Kong.But plus six very green hotel business to contain the place to to cooperate with the whole world group, she then intentionally and the new generation of the whole world group beat a good relation, drive summer the surname sister lead for the bosom friend good friend.

e her that eventually she will shed the added weight of pregnancy, but she will never feel the same about herself. That her own life, now so important, will be of less value to her once she has a child. She the would give it up in a moment to save her offspring, the but will also begin to hope for more years-not to accomplish her own dreams-but to watch her children accomplish theirs.

Seal a Ling to lightly say with smile:"Be not, however I don't know as well to is who!"


"How to escape?"The gold is small to open to complain of hard lot Die not, this is basically a to enter ability not the space of, where is an exit?

"This you need not took care of, like business of arranging that elder generation order well!"Listen to if the Du fly just, the wolf demon suddenly has realization.After listenning to asking of younger brother words, sighed to order a , as if deep in thought then the ground left.

Piece and arrest to make is true, that I make a trip with you, believe after confronting, will definitely return me innocent!"Finish saying then the Shan body gets to those sets members that lie on the ground in, relieve those acupuncture pointses that make people lose to resist dint that he just ordered.

The gold is small to open excitedly on waving hand, call a way:"Is successful!"

"Elder good!"Be kicked one feet by the Chang Li, worry China immediately waked up with a start to come over from the self-discipline.However, haven't waited he to put blame on Chang Li, see to fly one degree elder is hoping him, immediately heart in a cold, hurriedly start the way of saying hello.

This squad evolves a body and wait their big troops detections have no in danger juniors, again display Sa scope Ci to control a district technique?"Hear a subordinate suggestion, the variation person's major general is tiny tiny on smiling, feel with his heart think slightly and together, then knocked to knock a table's top way, " since so, that puts this squad person to come in!Cut over to another appearance."

Listen to the solid Lun do obeisance to say so, the Du flies not from one Leng.Just he speaks eight star warrior's newses, be for doing obeisance to carry on sounding out to the solid Lun, if the solid Lun does obeisance a book this wants to aggravate a condition, that he will don't hestitate ground to cut the other party to kill, with he this and the car wood is two old real strenght for cooperatings, will be afraid only an eight star warrior?

Look own plan, have already failed.

"Just think a some matters, talk not and up what promote."Shake, the great white crane true person continues tiny say with a smile.Ever since that time three year ago Dus flew after the M country lost a message, her mood at big sad after suddenly and thoroughly stability come down, later on after more than three years time constantly hammer chain, unexpectedly had already broken a dollar unclearly baby after expect of evidence, however the great white crane true person feels to imitate Buddha anythings to can not arouse the motion of her mood and has no pleased idea to this at this time.

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However the boon space pours is to volunteer to go out to find out news, want to clear up actually why those two help before the person's attitude Ju behind respectful.


"Start!"The recording key that presses a recording pen, the male of Yin Zhi passes to cloud Xi way in summer.

"I will point out your one more tomorrow evening and do obeisance the words of teacher hereafter not be lifting again!"Listen to Li Dong Peng make track for to come over, the Du flies back overdo lightly said a , then walk to return to den.

"Is very interesting, I think heel always are you together!"

Bottom of heavy infantry but line up into one word: long the snake block those hussars in the part, this time they already don't care what type, even if is respectively for fight to also want to block these hussars.The one party wants to break out of encirclement, one square but is to put together dead to resist, the war situation signs vehemence get up, there is no just so harmonious appearance any further, have of Be just shining knife light and very hot blood.

Be covered with huge absolute being soldier's milli- by the flame is inattentive among them

'Now,Mr Holmes,let me read you something which

The stand by me stands at me

The gold is small to open should 1, spread huge absolute being A, resume oneself status, the disease flies to work properly son light ball underneath.Hope to go upward from here, can see a transparently and only and take connective crystal giant and work properly son only ball, obviously is constantly that the summer is crazy to be drawing to take strength from work properly son the light the ball.

You are healthily, energetic kid, ability, passion labor, edible a bitterness, if you can put time and energy morely on the study, the result will far and far isn't now is this appearance, if you can mutually treat by gift to the classmates, will own more friends.

When you quarrel with a close fri

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Waited until a military outside in the airport of capital city outskirts, Xue Ling Jian stopped car and flew a way to the Du:"Elder generation, your circumstance I have already said for the person of military airplane field, you directly go in natural someone's taking you is there to the airplane.I still occupy, unqualified you!"

Fix for the aspect, oneself has already had a war to rob knife and four bear each other out, don't need to be another of, is a person not to need to be craved for too many, too many oneself on the contrary still can not stand, way Ji someone because self-discipline excessive Wu Xue but the oneself really annoy damaged.Seal a Ling to know, seal more and leave for only a kind of Wu Xue, but chase its self-discipline

Along with the public headway, the doubt also appears gradually in all public.This cave's basically being different from is the thing that is scooped out by other miners, the stone wall of cave is very smooth and neat, there is completely no trace that the ax digs, and wind around deep, hover around gradual to underground deep place extension, let people have the kind the felling for always walking not and in the end.

The gold is small happy medium to whisper:"Discard firewood, stupid goods, we 2's pouring is 1 rightness."Way in the mouth:"That is badly so evil to bite, how may I be his opponent.And ……I have never studied any martial arts effort as well, even if is a self-discipline to lead a dollar dint achievement method, don't also see have much exaltation ……"

"Good!"Qian Jing bit to bite off lips, a dozen of steer device, by leap and bound the facing Du flies fast.It shouts a way in the heart:"The dead dies!"See dead not to save, she really cans not does it!

"Roll!Even if you all death ray, Lao Tze can't drops a drop of tears, either!"

"Pa!"Again is the strong slap jilt on the back part of skull of talking the younger brother, then ask him:"Is painful not?"


Let go of a telephone, rushing through of my madness is to Guangzhou.

"Loyalty in Su's house is strong, does the Qing house He Zui of Su have?What fault do I cure you again?Coulding not fish for can prove sunshine country this time preparation of very full, can say that they distinctly strike to necessarily have diagram.Just I don't understand they actually diagram of is what?Su Qing and back bottom, the other Qing house said again other preparation!"Li Yan smiles to hope to say to Su's sea.

"I this is ……how?"The gold is small to open to just say a words, oneselfs were all got a fright by they, the voice was hoarse, seem very thirsty in the desert several ten days of trip person is similar, immediately and then discovered that oneself didn't know to when lie at ground up, the whole body acute pain was matchless, the blood sprinkled Li.


", You are surprise this!Jade Chien in"the explanation finished listenning to Peng cloud just, the Du flies immediately flashback in brain, suddenly thoughted of wood Huai of that plans, in the heart on moving, then open mouth an explanation way, " isreally match the elder generation that the body expects to help at under replication of, however that elder generation and at under also just fortune upon in the interstellar, because equally Be from the Earth, then help at under make duplicate this jade Chien.As for originally of that piece of, that elder generation then took."

However both huge figure difference, will never be by dint of is red-blooded to excite and then can can offset!Ground fire monster the Jing is just fierce on putting a head, start to take one Peng extreme steaming hot of magma, the gold is small to open can be again distress to retreat!Momentarily freeze a spirit attack, momentarily magma attack, the cold heat doesn't live transformation to hand over shot, let body therein of the gold is small to open misery.Although Be kept constantly on the attack that copes with a ground of fire monster Jing, the gold is small and opens also understand, the enemy in nowadays suffer from the harassment of body endotoxin and have no violent ambulation position to attackstone-if the ground fire monster Jing still can be like at the beginning and so and start an attack from the underground magma, or is to fly in the sky, affirmation of that oneself is have already turned to make one the black paste of regiment stick of coke!

Still have 20 days, this period of time he at the right moment uses to the self-discipline 《work properly burning chain Jue 》 chain body article at the same time 4 F.

Be in fact compared to at the confusion star area collect of achievement method, purple crystal sword Jue can be regarded as medium wait level, however the Du flies of the personality have a characteristics, be once deciding to do a some matter, must finish doing would accept a hand.So purple crystal sword Jue although just a self-discipline arrive the Qiao expects of method Jue, he still needs to insist finishing doing.

"Teacher, I knew."Hope Louis Si not to calculate a high big figure, the Du flies slightly in mind say.

"Condition of the injury's returning is really not lights!"The Du flies not to know the before solid Lun does obeisance to again and again display the matter that the Mi method flees for life and see at this time he throw up blood and immediately know a to sweep with the absolute being, some Yas however ground picked to pick an eyebrow later on.

Lin Mu Xue says:"BE so, but you can not always cheat your elder brother, either, you hereafter preparation give he how say of?If he knows if you fool him, affirmation will be joyless, I see come out, he really takes to heart yours."

"Ha ha."The kid showing bad temper to this kind of, the Du flew to see much.See the fat boy hide back inside the Ding, he then also no longer realizes and by leap and bound flies mountain to go and returned to a hole mansion to tidy up some kind of, then by leap and bound flew off this mountain range, facing wolf demon of fly in the outskirts manor of clear Kun City.

'Yes.Footprints,'said Mortimer.

The gold is small to open to say with smile:"That makes me personally see, here noodles actually some what."

"It doesn't matter and sit!"The Du flew to flick to wave hand and signaled hint really don't relate to.

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